Toddler Time – Sharks


Books we will read:

  • The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark by Ken Geist
  • Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale
  • Yummy, Yummy! Food for my Tummy! by Sam Lloyd

Let’s learn a new song!

After reading, let’s make a shark hat!

Glitzy In 1st Grade site--awesome project, kids love sharks!:
From Glitzy in 1st Grade

And enjoy our snack!

Some other books about Sharks in our library:

  • Fly Guy Presents: Sharsk by Tedd Arnold
  • Shark in the Park by Phil Roxbee Cox
  • The Shark Attacks of 1916 by Lauren Tarshis
  • Shark and Lobster’s Amazing Undersea Adventure by Viviane Schwarz
  • Sharks = Tiburones by Valerie Weber
  • Sharks! by Anne Schreiber